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Our Dough

Simple Ingredients

Our authentic pizza dough recipe consists of the perfect ratio of natural ingredients, careful order of mixing and precise timing of each stage in the process. As a result, our pizza dough browns perfectly with a crisp crust while still maintaining chewiness and tenderness. 

Fresh pizza dough gluten strands

Pinch of Patience

Our dough is cold-fermented for a minimum of 24 hours. This long proving process allows the gluten to relax and CO2 bubbles to form in the dough. The relaxed gluten makes our dough easy to stretch and handle. Those CO2 bubbles give our dough that light and airy texture. And lastly, the byproducts of the slow yeast fermentation are what give our dough that stand out flavour. 

Why choose our pizza dough over supermarket pizza bases or ordering in?

Let's be real, making pizza is really fun.

It’s a great way to spend an evening with your family, friends or other half.

Our dough is light and airy in texture unlike the compacted, pre-made pizza bases you find in the supermarket. 

Our long-fermentation process results in pizza dough that is abundant in flavour. We give our dough the perfect conditions and time to work its magic.

Our dough is freshly made-to-order and delivered to your doorstep.

No preservatives, additives or any of the like! 

Everything tastes better when it’s homemade!

Fresh pizza dough balls on table

Designed to make your evenings less about the prep and all about the pizza.

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What people are saying about our dough

Really reminds me of Naples - slightly sour, pillowy, crunchy.

Jen Bochenski @pepelagrande

My boyfriend said multiple times how nice it was and he normally just scoffs in silence.

Abby K @abbyhkaye

It was awesome!!!! We decided to have it again today because it was THAT good.

Valentina A @la_vale_n_tina

Mama Mei’s over Papa John’s any day! I usually leave my crusts but not with this dough.

Paddy Brown @patrickbrown94